Friday, May 27, 2005

Visitors of the Fox Den

We have two new visitors--stray cats. One we've seen twice in the past day, a black cat with white paws. We think it's a cat who lives in the neighborhood. Then tonight there was ANOTHER cat--a calico black, white, and orange cat. It went into the fox den under the main deck, and it wasn't interested in being friendly. The frogs have been out pretty regularly. I had found another dead tadpole maybe a week ago, but judging by the movement in the pond, there are probably still plenty of tadpoles. The deer might have come back and ate my dwarf cattails, which are missing, and the cardinal plant isn't in its pot anymore. Since it's been a while since a fox sighting, I'm thinking of getting a camera trap so that whatever walks by will get its picture taken.

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