Monday, December 17, 2007

Year in Review: 2007

My rechargeable batteries no longer seem to hold a charge, so unfortunately I didn't get any new pictures. I put new batteries in the camera so hopefully I will get some pictures while I'm out visiting Camera Trap Codger. I did see a pileated woodpecker drinking from a knot in a tree this weekend. I also discovered evidence that the rat is back. I put a container of old sesame snacks in the garage that I was going to use as bait for the camera. I hadn't gotten around to using the snacks before the rat did. Nary a sesame snack is left.

Here are the highlights (and lowlights) of 2007:
-Camera Trap Codger built me a new camera trap, which produces much improved photos.
-We had 2 new species visit our house--a rat and a bat.
-A humongous tree fell on our house, but luckily we remained mostly unscathed. The logs have provided new homes for critters.
-We had our usual bumper crop of frogs.
-I learned that chipmunks can swim.
-The foxes, raccoons, and squirrels made appearances throughout the year.
-And last but not least, we had tons of deer this year, so I hereby proclaim 2007 Year of the Deer! (I retroactively proclaim 2006 Year of the Raccoon and 2005 Year of the Fox).

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Tree Rats Monkeying Around

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Raccoon in the Rain

This isn't that great of a shot, but I thought the effect the rain made is kind of neat.
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Does Pass up Apples

This is Wounded Knee and her daughter. I wonder why they don't eat the apples. Wounded Knee is also recognizable by the strange pattern on her neck.

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Does a Wild Deer Poop in the Woods?

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Return of Knock Kneed Buck!

This buck (if you zoom in, you can see his family jewels) didn't pass up the apples like the does did. He appears to have knock knees. I wonder if he is the same buck I saw another year. I felt sorry for him back then because he seemed lame the way his legs bent funny, but I'm glad to see he's still around! (if it's the same guy). I wonder if he is courting Wounded Knee Doe. Seems they are a pair with their knee problems.

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Mamma Doe nuzzles Daughter

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Buck Returns the Next Night for Apples

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Monday, November 19, 2007

Fox Sighting!

This morning while eating my breakfast, a fox came quickly running along the house. I got the feeling it was the itchy tailed fox. He then turned and ran into the neighbor's tarp covered woodpile. He was in there long enough to scent mark it (although I couldn't see him inside) and then he ran off into the woods. (Incidentally, I actually had a dream beforehand about a fox climbing trees to have tea with its friends. ?!)

Hawk Sighting

On Saturday, a sharp-shinned hawk hung out on a tree above the pond for a while. He was mostly gray with a striped tail, a streaky breast, and a small head. He almost looked like a parrot as far as size goes, but his eyes and beak were hawk-like. The other hawks we have seen have been larger.
Read here for more information on "sharpies".

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fox Poses for the Camera

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Two Raccoons (Friends or Foes?)

The one on the left has its mouth open, like maybe it doesn't like the raccoon on the right, whose head is in a more submissive position. Or, maybe the one with its mouth open is just eating, and the other one has its head down looking for food, so maybe they aren't unfriendly?

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Looking for Food

I think the raccoons were upset I didn't set food out for them this time. They keep looking for food where I usually put it.

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