Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Raccoon Sighting!

Now that we moved our dinner table in front of the picture window facing the backyard, it increases our chances of seeing wildlife at dusk. Tonight we saw a raccoon come hobbling up from the park into our yard. It then made a beeline straight for the compost. Leotis had cleaned out the fridge earlier by throwing a piece of chicken out there, and it then made its way in the direction of the chicken. It disappeared and then reappeared (it, or another raccoon), coming out of the woods again, making another beeline for the compost. Unfortunately, the camera trap is sitting right here on my desk, because I took it down when they were chopping down another tree. Its batteries were dead too, but I will put it back up.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Taking Phineas for a Walk

He loves to sniff anything and everything, while he's not trying to eat anything green.
The second his feet hit the rough stepping stones, he loves to roll around on them.
The patio is his favorite place to roll around....
and roll around some more...
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Checking Out the Wood Piles

It's hard to get a picture that's not blurry of a moving target.
Dead trees make great scratching posts.
More wood to check out, maybe hiding places for mousies.
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Enough Fun For One Day

Here he is sniffing the rake I use to stir the compost.
Completely filthy at this point.
Dreamily staring off into space after all the fun.
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The Duckweed and Ferns Are Coming in Nicely

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Anyone Know What Kind of Flowers These Are?

I have no idea what the first one is. The second and third I used to know and forgot. The fourth might be an azalea but it seems different than the other azaleas.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mangey Fox

I saw this fox this morning, but unfortunately he seemed sickly. He was walking slowly, possibly limping, and looks mangey. Poor guy. Normally they trot quickly through the yard but he seemed to not be in the best of shape. At first I thought he was a new fox, maybe from this year's litter, but I think he is too big for that. The previous year's foxes were more fluffy and playful and this guy wasn't either of those. I saw him scratching himself as he moved off into the woods.
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