Thursday, February 23, 2006

Video Cam

No new pics, because the batteries went dead again. I'm getting rechargeables soon. Leotis installed a wireless video camera under the deck, but so far we haven't seen anything under there. It can also see in the dark. Stay tuned til the next pictures...oh yeah, we heard all this barking again the other day that seemed really close, and then it headed off into the park.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Then the snowstorm hit. We got around 6 inches.


I wonder how all the animals are faring after the snowstorm. I went around clearing snow off bushes and put out some bird seed and suet. I discovered the wren is living under the eaves of the shed. The camera trap keeps turning off again, even though I just put in new batteries. Not sure what the problem is, but at least I got a couple shots.

Fox sniffing the deck near the pond.

Black cat with white feet, with that caught in the headlights look.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Two foxes, a raccoon, a mourning dove, and a squirrel

The mourning dove and squirrel pics didn't turn out well very. Leotis had seen the mangey fox and the healthier fox yesterday in the park, and I debated pointing my camera trap towards the park, but I'm glad I didn't. Interesting that the raccoon and foxes seem to be inhabiting the same area, although I'm not sure they all are staying under our deck. I feel bad for the poor mangey fox. I wonder what happened to him, and if this is the same fox couple as last year. Of course, the pictures weren't all that good so maybe he looks worse than he is.

Poor mangey fox. His tail is half bald.

Blurry mangey fox.


fox sniffing

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Raccoon sniffing something on the pond deck.

Raccoon caught on film

Finally I have some pictures to post. The camera batteries went dead, although I wasn't sure that was the problem at first since I wasn't sure I was operating the camera right. There were a few more pictures of the raccoon, but they were hard to see, since the pictures were taken at night. There was also a black cat with white feet, which I'm not posting because all you can see is the feet. There might also have been a picture of a fox, but it was too hard to tell. So now that there are fresh batteries, hopefully I will be posting pictures more regularly.

Raccoon heading towards the space under the deck.

Raccoon's profile.