Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Two foxes, a raccoon, a mourning dove, and a squirrel

The mourning dove and squirrel pics didn't turn out well very. Leotis had seen the mangey fox and the healthier fox yesterday in the park, and I debated pointing my camera trap towards the park, but I'm glad I didn't. Interesting that the raccoon and foxes seem to be inhabiting the same area, although I'm not sure they all are staying under our deck. I feel bad for the poor mangey fox. I wonder what happened to him, and if this is the same fox couple as last year. Of course, the pictures weren't all that good so maybe he looks worse than he is.

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Words said...

If you get the chance try adding a small amount (teaspoon) of cod liver oil to any food the fox gets. It helps their coat.

We had a fox last year in the same condition. The improvement over a couple of months was astounding.

Photos here