Monday, May 22, 2006

Black cat again. This is the last picture for a while. Jayla's backyard is going to be Hawaii for the next three weeks!


Cat bending over into the pond.

Mangey fox, looking pretty normal!

Mangey fox looking into the pond.

raccoon bending over into the pond

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Sad news

Today I found a dead chipmunk in the pond. I'm not sure if it drowned or was being stalked by a fox and leapt into the pond to escape being eaten. The slabs of rock that make up the fountain were knocked over. But they had been like that a few days, and the chipmunk looks like it recently died, like maybe today. Poor guy. I guess it didn't know how to swim because the ladder is still in the pond that Leotis put there when he was afraid last year's fox baby died of drowning. I think it might have been a baby chipmunk. It wasn't that big, although I'm sure a chipmunk would look smaller when wet. But still, it looked like maybe it was a male that hadn't fully developed yet. We could have set it out for the foxes to eat, but we buried it in the yard and put an iris on top. :( Also, Leotis had seen 2 hawks, so we wondered if a hawk caught it and dropped it in the pond.

Raccoon again.

Two raccoons in one shot! The second raccoon, if you can't tell, is sniffing the ground and you can see its eye and ear. So I think it's definitely two of them.

This sort of looks like the mangey legged raccoon.

raccoon sniffing

Close up of...well...let's just say this raccoon is male.

This is the best photo yet of the black and white cat.

Here's the raccoon with the mangey leg.

Mangey fox's tail is looking a little furrier.