Saturday, April 30, 2005

Prior Fox Sightings: Apr. 17th, 18th, 2005

April 17th: A dead fox baby was by the pond with pink blood near its mouth and it's fur might have been wet, but it wasn't in the pond it was near it, which is also near the fox hole under the pond deck. Poor fox baby. :( We're not sure why it died.

April 18th: We saw a fuzzy fox baby wandering around the deck tonight near the pond. It was too dark to get any good pictures. It was too young to really even climb the stairs but it was kind of a toddler. We put a small fence which is sort of like a ladder in the pond so that the fox baby would not drown.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Prior Fox Sightings: Apr. 5th and 9th, 2005

April 5, 2005: I saw the skinny fox across the street scent marking a fence.

April 9, 2005: I saw 2 different foxes today! One in the middle of the day, the same puny one I've seen a couple times recently. Then just a while ago I saw the more adult looking one farther back in the woods. The puny one ran right up our back yard, up the deck and disappeared. We raked leaves and put rocks around the edge of the pond. Then we dismantled the old barrel fountain. The pump still works so we'll probably assemble a new fountain so the water can cascade into the pond. Hopefully moving water will cut down on the mosquitoes. The pond had all these wrigglers in it. They had 4 legs and 2 antennae and moved the front legs. There were a few adult water striders. Plus I raked some leaves out of the pond and took a glassful of the dirty water. I let it settle and it was like this jelly layer with sort of a clearer brown water layer above it with chunks. Plus there were tiny things swimming in it! They were the size of like a pin head.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Second fox of the night

Unless it was a cat. I saw it walking along a fence across the street, the same fence that the juvenile fox had peed on once. It was a pretty small fox, but not a baby, so it was probably the same one I'd seen there before.

Prior Fox Sighting: Mar. 24, 2004

I saw a fox! I saw it in the front yard going to the neighbor's yard. It was a puny skinny pointy nosed fox, not like the other big one we saw. At first i thought it was a reflection of one of our cats on the glass window, then i thought it was a cat outside, but it was a fox! I think.


I caught a glimpse of a fox going towards the den under the deck. It was too dark to tell if it was an adult or a baby. I think the babies are no longer under the pond deck (as opposed to the main deck) because they probably got too big to fit under there.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Adult Fox

Tonight I saw an adult fox come from the woods into our yard, and it went probably to the woods to the left of the house. About 20 minutes later, it came back from the left and sniffed our deck stairs on the right side of the house. Then it disappeared, probably into the den under the house. I assume it was the mother fox.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Pictures Coming

No fox sightings tonight :( but I learned how to post pictures. When I don't see foxes, I will post about prior fox sightings.

Prior fox sighting: Jan. 22, 2005 Saw 2 foxes this morning! I got a picture, which is not that great, and then later one came back, and reared up and then pounced down at something. I ran to get my camera again but it ran off. Drat.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Second fox of the evening

Just saw the juvenile fox (maybe a year old?) run off into the neighbor's front yard, no sooner than I said "This time of night is when the foxes are in the front yard".


Just saw one of the older babies (more like a toddler now) come out from under the pond deck. He was kind of scared and sat there near the pond listening, because there are dogs barking in the neighborhood and noise from the highschool. He kept popping his head up from behind the deck, then ran off into the woods. He disappeared from sight for a while, but then we saw him faintly. It looked like he was jumping off a log that he and his sibling and mother were on the other day. Then he came back and ran under the pond deck, popped his head out a few times, then ran under the crawl space under the main deck. Maybe the mom is under there and he is nursing.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Juvenile Fox

Saw the juvenile (small skinny) fox crossing the street. It sat there for a while in the road, luckily no cars were coming. Then it sat in our flower bed and ran to the neighbor's yard. I've always only seen that fox in our front yard (and had seen it scent mark a fence across the street).

More fox activity

Didn't think I'd have more to post about tonight. Saw the mother fox and 2 babies! I think it was the two older babies, which means that the baby I scared off the other night returned home. Or it could be that the blackish runt got yellowish fur like the older babies. But I think it wasn't the runt. The babies kept running back and forth from the den under the house, to the pond, to the woods. The mother at one point opened her mouth at the baby to make it go back to the den when it tried to follow her. The babies seemed extra hyper tonight running real fast. One baby stepped on the fence we put in the pond and took a drink. I thought one baby went out in the woods and hadn't returned, unless I didn't see it come back. At another point the mommy fox attacked the baby momentarily and they made these growling noises! I wonder when the babies will fledge because they are getting more independent. We must have watched them for 20 minutes.

First post

This blog is for posting about my sightings of the members of the red fox family living under our deck. Just saw what might be the mother, crossing the street towards our house. It was heading straight for our house, then turned to go towards the woods. I turned off the dining room light, and then it appeared right under the bay window! It ran around the house, so I went in the basement to the sliding glass window and saw it right by the window! Then it ran off into the woods. We saw one of the baby foxes tonight on the deck near the pond. It was playing with a stick and jumping sideways.