Sunday, April 24, 2005

More fox activity

Didn't think I'd have more to post about tonight. Saw the mother fox and 2 babies! I think it was the two older babies, which means that the baby I scared off the other night returned home. Or it could be that the blackish runt got yellowish fur like the older babies. But I think it wasn't the runt. The babies kept running back and forth from the den under the house, to the pond, to the woods. The mother at one point opened her mouth at the baby to make it go back to the den when it tried to follow her. The babies seemed extra hyper tonight running real fast. One baby stepped on the fence we put in the pond and took a drink. I thought one baby went out in the woods and hadn't returned, unless I didn't see it come back. At another point the mommy fox attacked the baby momentarily and they made these growling noises! I wonder when the babies will fledge because they are getting more independent. We must have watched them for 20 minutes.

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