Friday, April 29, 2005

Prior Fox Sightings: Apr. 5th and 9th, 2005

April 5, 2005: I saw the skinny fox across the street scent marking a fence.

April 9, 2005: I saw 2 different foxes today! One in the middle of the day, the same puny one I've seen a couple times recently. Then just a while ago I saw the more adult looking one farther back in the woods. The puny one ran right up our back yard, up the deck and disappeared. We raked leaves and put rocks around the edge of the pond. Then we dismantled the old barrel fountain. The pump still works so we'll probably assemble a new fountain so the water can cascade into the pond. Hopefully moving water will cut down on the mosquitoes. The pond had all these wrigglers in it. They had 4 legs and 2 antennae and moved the front legs. There were a few adult water striders. Plus I raked some leaves out of the pond and took a glassful of the dirty water. I let it settle and it was like this jelly layer with sort of a clearer brown water layer above it with chunks. Plus there were tiny things swimming in it! They were the size of like a pin head.

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