Monday, December 17, 2007

Year in Review: 2007

My rechargeable batteries no longer seem to hold a charge, so unfortunately I didn't get any new pictures. I put new batteries in the camera so hopefully I will get some pictures while I'm out visiting Camera Trap Codger. I did see a pileated woodpecker drinking from a knot in a tree this weekend. I also discovered evidence that the rat is back. I put a container of old sesame snacks in the garage that I was going to use as bait for the camera. I hadn't gotten around to using the snacks before the rat did. Nary a sesame snack is left.

Here are the highlights (and lowlights) of 2007:
-Camera Trap Codger built me a new camera trap, which produces much improved photos.
-We had 2 new species visit our house--a rat and a bat.
-A humongous tree fell on our house, but luckily we remained mostly unscathed. The logs have provided new homes for critters.
-We had our usual bumper crop of frogs.
-I learned that chipmunks can swim.
-The foxes, raccoons, and squirrels made appearances throughout the year.
-And last but not least, we had tons of deer this year, so I hereby proclaim 2007 Year of the Deer! (I retroactively proclaim 2006 Year of the Raccoon and 2005 Year of the Fox).

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Camera Trap Codger said...

Good, Jayla. See you in a few days.

Love, Doots