Friday, May 06, 2005

Aquatic Plant Vandal

Yesterday evening I saw something run off into the woods, but didn't really see what it was. I'm pretty sure it was a deer based on the way it ran and the size of it, although I didn't think deer lived around here. Then around midnight I heard a noise that was sort of like a bark but didn't exactly sound like a dog. Then this morning I noticed all my aquatic plants in the pond were gone! I had just planted them like a couple weeks ago. I just now assessed the damage, and my water lettuce had been chewed on, the lily pads had been bitten off and the rest of the plant was nowhere to be seen. The zebra rush, cardinal flower, and dwarf cattails were missing their pots and were knocked over, but not really eaten. I had put about 4 of the plants in plastic bags so that the dirt wouldn't wash out (I should have used aquatic plant potting soil), but the odd thing is that I only found 1 bag with a pot in it, and didn't find the other pots or bags, unless they are submerged. The oxygenator plants were still there but kind of strewn apart--jungle vallisneria, hornwort, cabomba, and anacharis. So much for my attempt at water gardening. Plus I just planted basil and spinach in the yard and don't expect those to last if the deer is still in the area when they start to come up.

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