Monday, May 02, 2005

Prior Fox Sighting: April 20, 2005 Foxes Galore

The foxes were out early tonight, 3 babies! I feel bad though because I went outside to plant my aquatic plants in the pond, and I thought the babies had all hidden, but one was still out there in a bush when I went out there. It got scared and went running off real fast into the woods. It seems too tiny to be out alone in the woods. Then we were out there planting the plants for a while so I feel all guilty I scared off the baby. It was one of the older ones, at least. One was real tiny and black. The runt went off behind the shed and then came back and went under the deck (with the mother I assume). One other went under the pond deck. The two bigger ones had been hanging out around the pond for a while.


Janet said...

I enjoyed reading your Blog. How fun to see the babies. What area of the country are you in?
We have foxes in our area of Pine Colorado, but haven't seen any babies yet. I recognize the same ones by the color of their tails. Our neighbors a few miles down the road are the ones that have the fox live near a creek by them. As we drive out we often see them, how wonderful to watch their habits. We used to have chickens and ducks, but with all of our predators I gave up. I enjoy watching the wildlife alot more anyway. We've had a bear knock over our dumpster twice in the last two years.
It sounds so wonderful that you have a pond, it's too cold here to have one. I put some bulbs in last fall and they are just starting to come up. The recent snows that we got are really helping, as they were very wet storms and soaked into the ground rather than be evaporated with the sunshine.
After Memorial Day I'll put some annuals in, then it should be warm enough. We're at 8500 feet so we have a very short season.
I just hope that the deer don't eat them down to the nubs. Someone told me about spraying hot sauce on the plants, sounds kind of drastic to me.

Jayla said...

I live in Fairfax, VA, a suburb of Washington, DC, so these are urban foxes. Our house borders a small park so two sides of the house are wooded. Plus with our (man made plastic) backyard pond, and crawl space under the deck, I guess it makes good fox habitat. Too bad you can't have chickens and ducks anymore. There are Canadian geese I see across the street pretty regularly. No bears around though, although when we lived near Shenandoah National Park, we would occasionally see a bear. One time we had been to the airport and had had some cinnabons. Later we heard noises near the garbage cans, and I saw a bear walking down the driveway carrying the cinnabon bag in its mouth. :)