Monday, May 30, 2005

Tadpole Update

Today I stained the pond deck to make it waterproof. Wouldn't you know it's raining now, when it needed 24 hours to dry. Unfortunately a few drips of the stain fell into the pond, and made the water murky, and dispersed about 1/3 of the algae on the surface. I could see into the pond, and saw at least 12 tadpoles. They are getting bigger, and look more like fish, because you can see their lips moving when they come to the surface to get air. I hope they didn't get poisoned by the stain. At least the rain will refresh the water some. A chipmunk was on the deck after I stained it, so I had to go shoo it away so it wouldn't get stain all over its feet. I saw the black cat today walking towards the woods on the same log that I had seen the mother fox and babies walk on.

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