Sunday, February 07, 2010

Signs of Life

The foxes left their tracks in the snow. They seem to have taken shelter under our deck, headed for the woods, and decided to turn around and come back. They checked out the pond (now just a slight impression), and went along the house towards the wood pile. There was a set of smaller prints which may have been a rodent of some kind, light enough to not sink into the snow. Lots of birds visited our feeder, including juncos, titmouses (or titmice?), cardinals and nuthatches (which we don't normally see at feeders), and finches. A couple unfortunate birds hit our window, probably blinded by the snow. I also saw a hawk chasing a smaller bird. Haven't seen any deer. There are also signs of a rodent in our garage, which has been elusive so far, but I'm trying to get a picture.
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