Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Desperate Deer

I had just put my son down to sleep, when I come out and see a deer eating birdseed off our windowsill (the same window where the squirrel had been eating bird seed in an earlier post), with one of our cats right in its face, only separated by the glass. That's something you don't see every day. The poor deer are desperate and it's snowing AGAIN. We're due for another 10-20 inches with sleet and freezing rain. Last night we threw out lettuce and a cherry tomato off the front porch, but the deer didn't eat it. I guess they prefer bird seed. Good thing we bought more at the store today. I counted 9 deer in our yard. Usually we only see them in the back yard, not on our front doorstep. This is getting ridiculous. I guess that's what I get for attracting them with my compost pile. The picture is pretty bad, but you can see the deer's ears, and the blob in front is our cat.
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-clark- said...

Same thing is happening here in SW Virginia. I looked out the window to see a deer with its head in the bird feeder. I guess they can't find anything to eat because of the snow. One night there were five deer all crowded around. Surprised that they like the bird seed so much.