Saturday, March 11, 2006

Removing the pond net

Today Leotis and I removed the pond net. Problem is, there were frogs in there, and a bunch of leaves. So I had to pick through the leaves to find any frogs. Plus there were a bunch of frog eggs in the water! They don't waste any time. So I made sure to scoop the frog eggs to where there was no net, so we wouldn't lift them out of the water. There were 4 frogs caught in the net. Two hopped off into the woods. Hopefully they will make it back. Two more were stuck in the net. One we freed and put it back in the pond, easily enough. The other one was more stuck in the net, and I had Leotis go get some scissors. I cut the net off but I think he may have lost a toe because of it getting caught in the net and struggling. (I didn't cut it off!) I hope he's okay. We put him back in the water. I think he'll be alright. So I guess we'll have a new crop of frogs. It already seems like there are too many! Some of the aquatic plants are still alive. I don't know if the frogs need all those leaves to live off of, but there are still plenty of leaves in the pond I'm sure, since I only covered 3/4 of the pond with the net. Anyway, hopefully they're happier now that the net isn't in the pond. Next year we'll have to take it off sooner. Leotis put an unmedicated chicken leg on the pond deck in front of the camera. At dust we saw the flash go off a couple times. I hope it was a fox and not the raccoon. I'll check tomorrow. Drat. Leotis said he just saw a raccoon out there. That's probably what got the chicken leg.

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