Saturday, March 04, 2006

An assortment of wildlife

I finally got rechargeable batteries and after only one night, got quite a few pictures. The resident chipmunk made his first appearance in front of the camera, plus a new cat which looks suspiciously like my cat but how is that possible? The raccoon had raided the compost bins again, and is probably out there feasting right now since I put more compost out there. The fox looks different--I'm wondering if it's one of last year's litter, because it looks smaller than the mangey one and not that mangey, and not as big and fluffy as the other fox who I think is last year's mother. So that was an interesting assortment. There was another picture of something unidentifiable and a picture of the chipmunk mid jump, going up the stairs, but that was also too blurry to post. Unfortunately the batteries went dead after one night of use! But I have a spare set I am charging so I guess I'll just have to be recharging on a regular basis.

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Words said...

Cameras eat batteries! I'm always recharging.

Enjoying the updates