Thursday, September 20, 2007

Handsome Young Fox

These pictures are horribly blurry, as they were taken through a window, but they are much better than nothing. This handsome young fox showed up right when I sat down for breakfast. He sniffed in the cracks of the pond deck, and stepped on the duck weed as if it were solid and not covering water. Then he climbed up on the pile of logs, and then went off farther in the woods. There, he spent a good bit of time digging in a pile of twigs I had created, that has been there for a few years. Maybe he was looking for mice for breakfast. He is a rather healthy looking fox, with no mange. He was on the skinny and small side. He spent like a half hour in the yard, so hopefully he will be back. Unfortunately the camera trap isn't out because I was reluctant to get eaten alive by mosquitoes, but hopefully the mosquito season is over, and I will try to put it out this weekend so I don't miss any more photo opportunities!

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