Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Chipmunk Falls in Pond!

This morning I was sleepily eating my breakfast, watching a chipmunk on a tree stump where there had been a dish of water (which something must have knocked off). So, since it couldn't drink from there, it went to the pond to get a drink. It leaned over the edge, fell in, and disappeared! I went screaming "Oh my God! Oh my God!", ran to the garage, got the pond scooper net, ran barefooted on the deck over acorns, in my nightgown (I hope the neighbors didn't see!), and down the stairs to the pond. Miraculously, the chipmunk was swimming to the other edge of the pond, where it was able to get out on its own. So, I freaked out for nothing. Nothing like an attempted chipmunk rescue to get your heart pumping in the morning. I guess I didn't think chipmunks could swim since a summer or two ago I found a dead baby chipmunk in the pond. Maybe it was just too young to swim or too small to be able to get out. Leotis was completely unaware of the event that had transpired, since he was in the shower at the time. After I told him, he went out and put back the dish of water on the tree stump and put an old fence in the pond so that animals that fall in can climb out.

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