Thursday, July 12, 2007

Chipmunk in Danger

I was sitting eating my breakfast looking out the window, and saw a rodent leap through the bushes near the pond. I wondered if it was a rat but it was probably a chipmunk. Then I saw a cat in the bushes trying to catch the chipmunk! I thought it caught it so I knocked on the window but it didn't react. So I ran out there and the cat ran off. I think it was a cat I've seen before that I tried to feed once in the winter when it was a kitten. It kind of stared at me so I walked towards it and it ran off some more. I was afraid to look in the bushes because I didn't want to find a dead or maimed chipmunk. I figured the cat would go back to it later. But I looked in the bushes and found a .... chipmunk hole! Yes! I think the chipmunk dove in its hole and escaped the clutches of the cat! Score one for the chipmunk!

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