Thursday, April 12, 2007

Fox Sighting!

It was 8 pm and I saw a fox crossing the street towards our house. He seemed to be looking to make sure no cars were coming. Where he comes from, I'm not sure. There is construction going on across the street and so he'd either have to be hiding somewhere til the coast is clear or just come running and hope there's no cars. So we ran to the other side of the house to look out the window to the backyard. He came trotting up the pathway, paused to scent mark an azalea bush, and kept trotting off to the park. He looked good, no mange to be seen. Unfortunately, I had just set my new camera trap up in the garage with some bird seed to try to get pics of Ratella (I give it a new name each time, depending on my mood). But now at least I know that if I put the camera trap on the old tree I used to, I would have missed the fox. So maybe I'll try a new tree tomorrow night and forget the rat, since the foxes are out mainly in April.

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