Thursday, April 19, 2007

Disaster Strikes Backyard

Heavy rains which caused flooding in the yard, followed by extremely high winds, caused a huge tree to fall on our house on Monday! It fell on the tree I used to always have the camera trap on, and broke it in half. A few other trees had branches broken off or are leaning. Luckily it didn't cause much damage to the house, mainly it ripped off the gutter. We are having 4 trees removed that either fell, are dead, or are leaning. Hopefully it won't deter the wildlife from coming around. Our yard used to feel like it blended in with the park and now it is more open. The tadpoles are about the size of peas with tails. Hopefully they will survive tomorrow when the tree crew finishes the job, as the majority of the trunk is resting near the pond still. Luckily we weren't home when the tree fell, although I'm sure our 3 kitties were scared. It must have happened early in the day because they weren't acting scared when we got home, but it must have made quite a commotion when it came down. I had put my new camera trap on a different tree, and it came out of the catastrophe unscathed. The front yard also had its own separate disaster. Trees were touching the power lines which were sparking like fireworks, until a firetruck came and they shut off the power, right as I was about to post these pictures. The power was off all night Monday, and our internet connection was not restored til tonight.

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