Sunday, February 25, 2007

First Fox Sighting of 2007!!!

Several inches of snow fell today, and I was fortunate to see this fox! I haven't seen any foxes in ages, and was beginning to wonder what happened to them. But they do exist! I think usually I see them at the end of January, so they are a bit late this year, maybe because January was so warm. The fox was checking out the suet I have hanging a few feet off the ground on a tree, but he kept going until he was out of sight. Then a few minutes later I saw a fox, probably the same one, in the neighbors' yard, and then it jumped over the fence into another neighbor's yard! I'd never seen a fox jump. We put out a piece of salmon hoping it will return. (By the way, words, after switching to the new blogger, I found all your comments from like a year ago I had never seen before. Sorry. Feel free to post more comments. I might actually see them this time.) :)

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Words said...

I just spotted what you said about my lost comments! Nice to see you have a fox back over here.... and in the snow.