Thursday, October 28, 2010

Intruder Caught

Recently police have been warning county residents about a serial burglar who enters through open garage doors or open doors and windows. I forget the total number of burglaries but it's enough to make you a little on edge. Today I noticed the garage door light flickering on and off, leading me to believe something was in the garage. Turns out its that dirty groundhog again! He was right under the door sniffing a banana peel I had carelessly left on top of the full compost pail. I guess that's what I get for failing to dump the kitchen waste in a timely manner. The other day my husband opened the door to put something in the compost pail, and sure enough the groundhog was right there. All it takes is one time to forget to close the garage door, and sure enough the intruder will take the opportunity to check out the premises and help himself to whatever he wants.
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