Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Two Worms Are Better Than One

How to Play with Worms:
Step 1. Find a good location.
Step 2. Poke worm with stick, until it becomes two worms.
Step 3. Grasp worm tightly.

Step 4. Enjoy!
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babbler said...

This reminds me of the worm song when I was a child! Do you remember a song like that? I think it had to do with eating them! Great photo, it really takes me back and makes me want to go outside in my garden to play.
Thanks for a great blog, I just found you while surfing. Come on over to my place and visit Slug's rest if you have a mind, I am from "Adventures of Mr. Slug and Friends" or We are a bunch of silly slugs drawn on lunch napkins.
Have fun today! Love, "Mrs. Slug"

Jayla said...

I remember that song, something along the lines of "I guess I'll go and eat another worm!". Just visited your blog-it's slugtastic! Your husband is very lucky to have such a lunch, and napkin each day. Have a good day!

arenee43 said...

Did you ever read the book "How to Eat Fried Worms"? In third grade I loved it but I think I'd find it pretty gross now. Your budding entomologist should read it when he's a little older.