Monday, January 18, 2010

Video of Fox Barking

No sooner did I post fox sounds, did we get to hear a fox barking and we got it on video! The narration is by CTT (Camera Trap Toddler). Translation follows:
[fox barks in distance] "Fox!"
[fox sniffs ground] "Eat nut."* (4x)
[fox barks, imitates bark, laughs] "Oh no!"
[fox goes under deck]"Oh no!!!"
[Knocks on window] "Where'd he go?" (6x)
[fox comes out again]"Fox!" (3x)
[fox stops and stares at us]"Oh no!"
[fox sniffs ground] "Eat nut."*
[fox leaves] "Where'd he go?"

* eat nut => He thinks foxes eat nuts because he saw squirrels and deer eating acorns.


Camera Trap Codger said...


The craft goddess said...

Can you fix the video? I can't see it. Perhaps post another link. I love CTT's narrative.

Jayla said...

It's fixed. For a few days it wasn't working for some reason. I didn't do anything to fix it.

The craft goddess said...

Wow, I'm jealous! We only get neighbor's cats in our yard.

arenee43 said...

"Camera Trap Toddler"! That's so cute! At first I was reading quicly and mistook "Toddler" for "Codger," since that's who you usually talk about, but then I realized Camera Trap Codger has a much larger vocabulary than "eat nut"! (I hadn't watched the video yet.)