Thursday, December 31, 2009

2009: A Year in Review

As the last hours of 2009 wind down, I feel compelled to do the usual review of the goings on in my yard. 2009 stands out for the following reasons:
-I set the camera trap in a new location by a new compost pile.
-The yard attracted the usual cast of characters: foxes, deer, raccoons, squirrels, and frogs.
-Three species returned that had disappeared--the chipmunks (which disappeared after a snake was seen), the bat (which only briefly stayed in our window, but then was seen frequently flying back and forth at night), and a toad (which had been absent for years).
-We had a record snowfall in December, a whopping 16 inches!
-I discovered three new species! A salamander, a humongous polyphemous moth, and an owl (only heard, not seen).
-My blog gained a whopping 8 followers! In my wildest dreams, I hoped for 5, and wound up with 8. Could more be in store? You know, I never wrote my blog expecting anyone would read it. (Can you tell?)
-My new obsession with wreath making began, using homegrown invasive Chinese wisteria vines.

Happy New Year!


randomtruth said...

One more for your list: 8 is not enough. Some of us aren't official "followers" but have you linked on our blogs and thus see and read (and pretty much thoroughly enjoy) all your posts and photos as much as any blogger follower.

So keep it up for 2010, and here's to hoping you experience many crazy wildlife moments that are each worth a thousand pictures, and thus a million words.


Jayla said...

Thanks, Ken. Counting you and my unofficial followers, the total is probably in the thousands. ;) I guess I gotta fix my camera now. The lens has been getting stuck on a piece of glue...gotta keep my fans happy in the new year. :)