Wednesday, July 08, 2009

What's Growing In My Garden

Finally something I planted from seed seems to be growing. The little buds are wildflowers. Whether they will ever amount to anything by the end of the season remains to be seen. The taller plant is in the general vicinity where I planted the pumpkin seeds, but this looks more like tomatoes to me, which I did not plant, but I do compost tomatoes.
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arenee43 said...

Is it possible that if you composted something, some of the seeds could plant themselves and start growing?

Jayla said...

Usually the compost will just decompose, but in this case, I moved my compost pile leaving some compost behind, and if there were seeds in there, they could just start growing. That's how seeds work, they are supposed to plant themselves. I did a science project once with my sister called "Burrs and Furs" (my dad's idea) where we strapped animal furs to our legs (don't ask where we got the animal furs from). We walked through the weeds to see if the furs would pick up seeds. The idea was that animals pick up seeds and transport them, and then they fall off and start growing. Some furs were better at picking up seeds than others.