Saturday, January 03, 2009

Looking Back on 2008

I didn't post as much last year, but having a baby is my excuse. Maybe Scooter will be walking soon and can help around the yard. Looking back at my posts last year, I sum up 2008 like so: (Hopefully this isn't as boring as a Christmas newsletter...oops...hope I didn't insult anyone who writes those things)...
-Camera Trap Codger visited twice in one year (a new record), creating "sets" and using a scent lure
-I employed the use of polls and videos to enhance my blog
-We had 3 new species (topping 2007's 2 new species): a snake, a box turtle, and a white footed mouse
-We had baby raccoons, young foxes, spotted fawns, and baby wrens nesting on our porch (the wren was spotted today in the same nest!)....oh, and presumably baby squirrels considering the squirrels were caught on video performing x-rated activities.
-The bat stayed with us in our bedroom window for a whopping 6 months (June through November).

I will try to post more often in the new year, especially considering I now have 2 followers! (Thanks, followers!). Camera Trap Codger and I today were both in agreement we wanted to double our followers this year (I'd like to have around 5, and he'd like to have 50). ;)

I suppose I will continue my tradition of naming the previous year after something. I hereby proclaim 2008 Year of the Reptile, in honor of the snake and box turtle, which made their debuts. May 2009 hold more new species (I'm hoping for skunks and possums). The last time I checked my camera trap and was looking at the thumbnail pictures, for a second there, I thought I had a picture of a bear. It was only a fleeting thrill, until I remembered how my memory stick had failed, and that Camera Trap Codger had given me one of his used ones. That would have been pretty remarkable to have bears here in suburban VA.

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arenee43 said...

I hope 2009 will be the year of some sort of fluffy animal.

I bet Scooter will be fascinated by the critters in the backyard in a few years. Boys tend to like bugs and snakes and creepy-crawly things. You just might start finding snakes and lizards and bugs in his room.