Sunday, February 24, 2008

X-Rated Squirrel Video


arenee43 said...

I can't see this one too well. I can tell they're kind of ... wrestling...but I can't tell if that's all they're doing. But I guess you called it x-rated for a reason!

Jayla said...

Yeah, they're "wrestling". ;) Unfortunately the quality of the video I uploaded to my blog is not as good as the quality when I watch it on my computer. The funny thing is that the female gets behind the male and "hugs" him, then the male gets behind the female and "hugs" her. At least I assume it's a male and female. The video was longer but I shortened it to not include the snickers. First they kiss, and at the end a third squirrel comes around and they stop wrestling. Usually squirrels chase each other and never touch each other, so when I saw them wrestling I knew it was X-rated.