Friday, October 19, 2007

Chipmunk Falls in Pond AGAIN!

A chipmunk fell in the pond again, and a frog jumped under the water! Then he scrabbled over the lip of the pond. What are we going to do with him?! I'm starting to think he likes to swim. I'm also wondering if the time I saw the frog lunge at the chipmunk, he wasn't being aggressive, he was trying to prevent the chipmunk from falling in. It has not rained in 34 days. We are going to have to start keeping another bowl of water full, or else figure something else out. I get nervous watching the chipmunks anymore.

On another note, last night, after its longest stay ever, the bat left. We were all sad, wondering "Why did our new pet leave us? Didn't it like it here? Is he coming back???". Then, only a few hours later, our trusty friend, the bat, came home!

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aquarian_azalea said...

A swimming chipmunk must be adorable.

I was telling S. about this and saying I hope the chipmunk doesn't drown, and he said that clearly the chipmunk is training for a race or even the Chipmunk Olympics, and you're interfering with his training by trying to keep him out of the pond and trying to "rescue" him when he "falls" in. So maybe you should help him train and put up a diving board.